Sex, Drugs, and Death

by The Suicycles

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Camden Chamberlain @ Kitefishing Studio, SL,UT. Produced by Camden Chamberlain & The Suicycles. Additional mixing by Mike Sasich. All songs written by The Suicycles. Additional lyrics on Question Mark by Megan Zimmerman. Additional lyrics on Love Or Surgery by Calhoon Popadopolis. Additional vocals on SL,UT by Daniel Lindner and Julianna Clay.

The Suicycles are:
Camdy, Vanimal, Black Rob, Kellazor, Creedo

Artwork by: Sri Whipple,
Band Photo by: Heidi Gress,
Band Styling by: Jordan Halversen

Special Thanks to: Sri Whipple, Steve Wells, Rusty Sessions, Heidi Gress, Julianna Clay, Gavin Sheehan, Teresa Flowers, Jake & Kaci from Bar Deluxe, Alexz Graves, Nikole Bain, Tom Bennett, Kiel Taylor, ABG's, Ransom Wydner & King Niko, Jeff Hacker, Muscle Hawk, Long Distance Operator, Maclaine Lindquist, Chris Stearman, Gillian Rawcliffe, Micah Tordiff, Vanessa Angulo, Dan Nailen & Salt Lake City Weekly, BJ Parker, Jon Paxton & Corey O'Brien from X96, Calhoon Popadopolis, Ivonne Lopez, Alyssa Workman, Aja Sicks, Greg Nielsen, Anthony Phan, CouldB Music, Travis Adamick, Ridgeline Music, UtahFM, Portia Early, Megan Zimmerman, Josh Ua, Dirty Blonde, Ryan Jones, Allison Martin, Easton Nigh, Dan Lindner, Cesar Martinez, Zachary Mason, Mike Sasich, Joshua Wells, Bill Frost, The Last Look, Crystal Pistol & ESX, our friends in Tulsa and Grand Rapids, Mike Wistos, all our friends and fans that have come to shows and have helped spread the word.


released June 17, 2011



all rights reserved


The Suicycles Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Speaking In Tongues
Take a hit, take as big as you like
It goes down easy when you don't know what's inside
I need a break, so will you break me in two
I'm a functioning mess always, biting off more than I can chew

Sometimes you feel like you don't have a choice
Speaking in tongues, or with someone else's voice

every night, you're pouring salt on the wound
waiting for the maggots to come romance you with their tune
morning comes, and depression kicking in
the come downs keep getting lower, nowhere left to spin

Sometimes you feel like you don't have a choice
Speaking in tongues, or with someone else's voice

Why do we play such bloody games?
With such bloody outcomes, with such bloody outcomes
Track Name: Love Or Surgery (feat. Calhoon Popadopolis)
Bored to death
of playin' all alone
I think I need a distraction
and there she is on my phone
She got a lazy mind
But that's what whiskey's for
I know she'll do me right
She got me down all fours

Treat me nasty
Dark and dirty
whisper all the ways that you wanna hurt me
Treat me nasty
Dark and dirty
We can call it love or we can call it surgery

Where's the fun
if there ain't any blood
You know I'd never say
I don't deserve to be cut
Well yea I've made my mark
and I'm just waiting to die
you are a lovely distraction
a soft place to lie

She want it nasty, dark and dirty, Pullin' her hair, she aint screaming' cuz it's hurting, her tiger claws shred my back, bleed out my soul, she like it when I hold her hands down no control, you now in my arena, stretch ballerina, she don't say N O when wetted up Katrina, I know it's wrong but call me what you want, when I tell you come here, I mean more than once
Track Name: Turn Back The Clock
You were so close yet so far away
and I ran out of words, begging you to stay
once taken, never to return
now watching from afar, you in his arms

…and I wish I could turn back the clock
but my hands and these hands have broken right off
and I wish I could turn back the clock
but I can't, no I can't

I still dream of you in my bed
the echoes of you still run through my head
when I close my eyes you're always there
I've tried to fill this hole, but no one compares

elemental self destruction
I can teach you a fine lesson

Inside your shell, under your skin
wasted the seconds to stop then begin
Track Name: Burn Count
I kinda like you, uh huh uh huh
But I will bring you down
I wanna love you, uh huh uh huh
but you will bring me down
I got this feeling, uh huh uh huh
like we been here before
Your double dealing, uh huh uh huh
just take it out that door

Can't keep contain' the times you burned me
1, 2, 3, 4, burn me, burn me!

the moment hit me, uh huh uh huh
like a knife stuck through my core
aint nothin' to see, uh huh uh huh
(it's) just the typical gore
We had it comin', uh huh uh huh
from the second we fell into bed
disaster waitin', uh huh uh huh
waitin' to taste lovely red

some things fade, they fade with time
but this here scar, is burned deep in my mind.

I wanna fade, fade
Track Name: The Sin Of Sleep
goodnight my dear
thank christ the pills kicked in
the devil can kiss these jagged lips
cuz no sin is worse than sleep

and if you should wake, please don't wake me up

I've asked the madness to stop
It paid no heed to me
sometimes the only solution I see
is some yellows and pinks, the sin known as sleep

somewhere along the way
I lost the will to relate
my world comes in waves that no one can hear
I'll stay inside my cave
Track Name: New Manifesto
I will revoke
this manifesto
change can't come soon enough
the new manifesto

I wish I could feel something

last call to arms
it fell flat on dead ears
spine tap, loose change
see you in the leap year

Something, give me something
a bloody anything

I'll cut you up beyond reason
believe in me, you'll hang for treason

pig heart, a slit wrist
a foot inside the fire
brainwash the new cell
start a new empire

safe word, not safe
the teeth will keep the finger
backhanded like a pimp
but no charm to linger
Track Name: The Hills
I wanna tell ya little story
bout a boy named john
he had wings for teeth yea
and fangs for arms
no mother could love him
and daddy's on the run
took a job in the underground
Stayed down there too long

Take off for the hills yeah
Daddy aint comin' home
Your new life's in the hills yeah
Ya better take that money and run

born again as a disciple
praying at the foot of greed
paranoia suckin' his life vein
on dead roads he's the lead
how deep lies the ruin
before there's no escape
there's one chance left for him yea
Better take that money and get him gone

What are you gonna do, when it all catches up with you
Track Name: Question Mark
I'm waiting for my medication
too bad it's already been taken
I need some pills to keep me going
which dealer, which will I be calling?

This gun is loaded
The gun is pointed
Staring into the great unknown

I like the reds and blues and pink ones
Don't bother telling me that it's wrong
Might call me crazy, call me psycho
I've tied the noose, repeat the cycle

This gun is loaded
The gun is pointed
Staring into the great unknown

Be my question, be my question,
be my question mark
Track Name: Western Highway
Take me from this town
please take me from this town
The western highway it keeps beckoning me on down
I can't lift off from this ground
Feet weighin', a thousand pounds
The frozen mountains are my only crown

I got nothing' to keep me here
Except everything that I hold dear
I'd give it all up darlin' to keep you near
So take me from this town
i'm hypnotized by the sound
you make right by my ear when light's not found

Is this love or a dream
a leap, a faith, a sight unseen
these moments will unveil the mystery
Track Name: SL,UT
All you see in me is another pretty face yea
All you see in me is another pretty face yea
All you see in me is another pretty face yea,
I'm not your pretty face, I'm not your pretty face

F U C and K me, that big truck that you drive makes me so horny, I said
F U C and K me, I wanna get down on my knees for you baby

S L U T, I'm just another slut in your slut army

F U C and K me, just buy me coupla drinks, I'm a guaranteed lay
F U C and K me, umm, thank you for the car now please go away

F U C and K me, I'll be your piece of meat if you only pay me
F U C and K me, I'm just a little girl, why don't you fucking rape me
Track Name: Vacation From The Sun
Seven butterflies
flew my around my head
seven butterflies
I'm wishing they were dead

I need a vacation
a vacation
from the sun

Flowers all a bloom
colors everywhere
flowers all a bloom
My head's in disrepair

everywhere I look
clothes are peelin' off
everywhere I look
my stomach wants to pop
Track Name: Smiling Like A Junky
sky is burning down
far as the eye can see
mainframe's compromised
bombs locked on you and me
virus taking hold
flesh rots and spirits die
head out for the hills
few places left to hide

abortifacient pharmacies relinquishing function
thank you very much for your overconsumption
fornicators instigate zymotic repulsion
liquor me up on the verge of destruction

Smiling like a junky, waiting for the rapture
It's time to say goodbye my love, my love
Smiling like a junky, waiting for the rapture
It's time to say goodbye

RFID chips
integrating, taking hold
cut that fucker out
if you don't wanna be controlled
earth is bleeding through
stylostome malfunctioning
no one left to sue
grab a gun and start shooting

psychotropic contraband immersing the system
all the toxic filth you made molesting your vision
rotting corpses rising up and eating your children
bet you wish that you had been a much better christian

Never Coming Back

Goodbye, Goodbye